Clean Stains Of Glass Pitcher

3 Easy Methods To Clean Stains Of Glass Pitcher

In daily life, tea and coffee stains on glass pitcher often make us particularly distressed, because even if we clean them with brush, they might still show residues. Then how could we get rid of these stains? Susteas will introduce  you 3 easy methods of cleaning:

glass pitcher

【1】Toothpaste water

Cleaning glass pitcher

Firstly, dissolve toothpaste in water to avoid forming toothpaste residues which can better remove stains. If the stains are particularly   difficult to  remove,   you can add a little  baking  soda  to scrub,  and use a  smaller  brush to  clean with ease.

【2】White vinegar 

White vinegar
After  diluting the white vinegar, pour it into the pitcher, soak it for more than half an hour to  be better  integrated with  water  before  removing the stains effortlessly.

【3】Egg shell

Egg shell
Remove egg white and liquid after breaking the egg shell, put the shell in the pitcher, then  add  clean  water,  shake the pitcher to make the  egg shell rub enough to remove stains of the pitcher, we could also clean it in combination with other methods, because the egg shell does not guarantee the complete removal of the stains. Adding white vinegar or salt will help better clean it.

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