How To Maintain Japanese Iron Kettles? Just Do These Three Things Every Day

How To Maintain Japanese Iron Kettles? Just Do These Three Things Every Day

Cast iron kettle has the characteristics of fast heat transfer and high water temperature. Suitable for soaking Lipton, Bigelow, Twins of London, Celestial Seasonings, Tazo and other products that need to stimulate heat. In the United States, those who really use cast iron kettles are still a small group of people who understand tea culture and how to enjoy life.

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In the process of using cast iron kettles, the maintenance of iron kettles is extremely important, and the process of maintaining iron kettles is also a part of life.

Cast Iron Teapot Maintainance

The maintenance of cast iron kettles is very particular. A little carelessness will cause irreversible damage to the iron pot. Don’t be careless:

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1. Try to avoid dry heating when there is no water in the iron kettle, and do not heat it when there is no water in the kettle. Repeated dry, empty, and continuous empty firing will shorten the service life of the iron kettle and even cause the iron kettle to crack.

2. Prevent excessive temperature difference: Don't let the iron kettle cool down as soon as it is hot, pay more attention to it when using it. For example, when the kettle temperature is low, 70+ hot water is suddenly poured. Or when the pot temperature is high, suddenly pour cold water into it. Extreme thermal expansion and contraction will make the iron pan itself face the risk of boiling.

Better Way Is:

1. Use Japanese iron kettles, and use two or more iron kettles alternately.

2. When there is only one iron kettle, you can boil hot water first, and then add water to avoid temperature differences.

3. Keep the iron kettle dry. After the iron kettle is used, if there is still water in the kettle, it is easy to rust. Therefore, after the iron kettle is used, the remaining water in the kettle body and the furnace is used to evaporate the remaining water in the kettle to ensure that the water in the kettle is completely evaporated and dried in the kettle. How should the appearance of the kettle body be maintained? After the old iron kettle is used, when the iron kettle is still hot, wipe it with a cloth dipped in tea water, it will produce a unique luster over time. In addition, when the old iron kettle is used for the first time, there may be iron embroideries or rust spots inside. The method of use is similar to that mentioned above, except that more water should be boiled. When the boiling water is not turbid, you can start using it.

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There Are Three Dteps In Daily Tidying Up An Old Iron Kettle:

1. After repeated verifications, it is found that the best effect is to wash the iron pot with clean water and iron balls. If you encounter large rust stains, you can use a screwdriver or a western knife to gently scrape it off. At this time, pay attention to the correct method so as not to damage the iron kettle body; if you knock on the rust that cannot be removed, you can first try to boil the water to make it fall off naturally.

2. Boil the water Pour out the dirty water after scrubbing, add clean water to boil; Use the heating process to remove impurities and grow scale; If the boiling water is clear and odorless, it means it has been cleaned. Repeat this action several times to raise the pot or sweeten the water.

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3. After the evaporated water is boiled, pour out the remaining water in the kettle immediately; use the remaining temperature of the iron kettle to evaporate the remaining water. At this time, open the lid of the kettle to prevent moisture from stagnating in the pot. Wipe the surface of the pot with a dry cloth to make the surface of the pot more beautiful. After completion, if it is not used immediately, it should be placed in a dry place to avoid moisture. Unless you plan not to use it for a long time, you must not paint or oil whimsically, so as not to damage the body of the iron kettle. If you like this kettle, you should wait until the kettle is like a child, and even check it regularly after it is used up to make sure that the kettle body is clean and free of rust.

Cast iron pots are exquisite handicrafts that require careful living, maintenance and inheritance. An iron kettle is passed on to the second generation, the third generation... it can show its charm even more.

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