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Our brand story:Nature, Family & Life

Susteas was founded in 2014 by a father from a family of 4, who has a beautiful wife and 2 adorable daughters, the father is passionate  about  life and family, who was trying his best to give them a better home and better life, through years of determination and hardship, the father saw the birth and growth of the enterprise with his home and family. But his passion had always been the same, that is to bring better home and better life to every family. And that is Susteas’ story.

The health of the whole family had always been the top priority to the father. So Susteas had always maintained the green policy as brand’s first mission. We have only one earth, and there is no reason we won’t make our only home better.
The father’s forever pursuit for the quality of family and life had made Susteas always considered the inhouse design as its bloodline. We only make the best products and offer the best services; The father's 8 years of dedication for family and enterprise had made Susteas production line to develop and cover all household needs. We are your ultimate one-stop kitchen & dinning solution.
Susteas is dedicated to provide all-in-one solution to the family living standard since 2014. We strive to deliver products that could make family life easy & simple. We provide range of high grade, innovative & stylish kitchenware, appliance and other home improvement product. By having the whole family enjoy simple life together, we bring joy & love to the family with our beloved products.


Our team was made with unique people who thinks like no other and does what others dare not, who is always on road of self-improvement, whose passion burns for life and sport, who communicates, companies and accomplishes together, who thinks, plans and acts accordingly to only bring the best result.


We promise to bring our customers the products they deserve, products that are made with passion and designed by professionals, we provide dedicated customer service for life, and we have been striving for never-ending excellence, we are always on our ways to make better living for the humanity as whole.


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