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Green Cast Iron Japanese Teapot(900ml)

Green Cast Iron Japanese Teapot(900ml)

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🖤JAPANESE TEAPOT: Suitable for 2-3 people; recommended to use small fire on the stove top to prevent water from boiling over
🖤LOOSE LEAF TEA INFUSERS: The stainless-steel infuser helps separate tea leaves from the water, which can be removed and cleaned easily; ideal for green tea and herbal tea
🖤EASY TO CLEAN : For best results, avoid cleaning the kettle teapot with detergent or dish soap, simply rinse with water after use
🖤CAST IRON KETTLE:The heavy-duty cast iron construction offers superior heat retention, ensuring your tea will stay hot for hours of enjoyment

    🖤WHAT’S INCLUDED: Includes 1 white tea kettle with 900 ml capacity, 1 trivet, and 1 loose tea holder infuser


    Our cast iron teapots are furnace-forged and hand-polished with professional-grade craftsmanship, the work of our SUSTEAS ingenuity. Compared to the average teapot, it is more like a collectible to adorn your kitchen. Its appearance is more distinctive, and the unique cherry blossom pattern brings you the ultimate visual feast.

    Brew a pot of tea, and the light tea fragrance emanates from our cast iron teapot, soothing your fatigue from the week. What are you waiting for? Have a nice afternoon tea time!


    Due to the enamel interior, in order to prolong the life of the tea kettle, we provide some tips for making tea:

    • Loose tea - according to your preference, pour the tea leaves into a strainer and put them into the iron teapot together, pour hot water and cover, steep for 1-5 minutes.
    • Tea bags - Pour water into SUSTEAS teapot (no filter needed) and heat it to the temperature you want, then turn off the heat source, then put in the tea bags and steep for 1-5 minutes. STOVE TOP SAFE, the SMALL FIRE is suggested.


    If you need to use the cast iron kettle to heat water, do not pour more than 3/4 (900ml/30oz) of water into the teapot to prevent overflow. STOVE TOP SAFE, the SMALL FIRE is suggested.


    Our teapots are made of durable cast iron, and the inner wall of the teapot is made of enamel, which is a healthy protective layer, so as to achieve the purpose of beauty and rust resistance. Daily maintenance is convenient.


    Are you still racking your brains about what gift to give your family or friends? The first cast iron teapot in your life, SUSTEAS can easily solve all your troubles. The teapot with unique design and beautiful appearance shows your taste.

    Use & Maintenance:

    Before The First Use Put 5-10g of tea leaves into cast iron teapot; then brew for about 10 minutes, then pour out the tea, repeat this step 2-3 times, until the water becomes clear or there is no peculiar smell in the teapot.
    After Using Teapot Dry the water stains on the surface with a soft cloth, and then place the teapot in a ventilated place to dry the remaining water on the surface.
    About Cleaning Dishwashing liquid is not recommended, just wash the teapot with water.
    How To Remove Rust If the iron kettle rusts due to improper use, don't worry! You can smear the rusted place with lemon or pour some vinegar on the rusted place, and wipe it with a rag to effectively prevent the iron kettle from rusting.

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